I Don't Know, What Do You Want To Play?

by Tom Kiehl

BETA Testing Now! Does your game group have trouble deciding what to play? Play this to read your own minds. Click Here to submit your BGG ID and generate your own custom deck of cards from your Board Game Geek Collection.

Traps & Treasures

by Tom Kiehl

DOWNLOAD NOW! "Traps and Treasures" is a deduction game for two players. This game is available exclusively for download. So go grab a deck of cards, a couple of pawns and download these pdf's [the rules] and [the board]. This one still has some rough edges, please send us your comments

It just so happens that between the time I designed this and got it up here for download an "adventure card game" of a very similar name was released

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Count & Capture

Games from around the world.

We have a couple of vintage booklets explaining the rules of some of these games, we'll put more info up about them soon, but for now you can download them here: "How to Play Sunka" [3.3meg pdf], "Count and Capture" [11.4meg pdf].


by Jean-François Lassonde

Play Hozo's flash version on our site. You can find the original micropul page here, but we have preserved the flash version of the game authored by "Hozo" and formerly available here.