I Don't Know, What Do You Want To Play?

I Don't Know, What Do You Want To Play?

by Tom Kiehl

BETA Testing Now! Does your game group have trouble deciding what to play? Play this to read your own minds. Follow the instructions below to generate your own custom deck of cards from your Board Game Geek Collection. Rules are included in each custom-generated pdf. Or, if you are lazy, you can download the rules.

If you just want some blank cards or card backs, you can download one of the following pdfs which will give you a full sheet, depending on how you are printing them: 6-up Blanks, 9-up Blanks6-up Backs 9-up Backs

Not Satisifed with the standard look of the cards? Submit your design ideas and win geek-gold. More information here. View the current submissions.

View update information on the release notes page.

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First, ask us to generate a deck of cards for you. To do this you'll need two things:

  1. you must have an account at BoardGameGeek.com,
  2. you must have a game collection set up on that site.

When you request a deck of cards, we'll access your collection at BoardGameGeek.com and generate a pdf containing a card for each game in your collection.

Fill out the form below, enter your BGG id name. Also, if you would rather that we used your own comments on the card rather than the default description, check off the box.

After you've submitted your request we'll generate a pdf file for you (the pdf generator wakes up every 10 minutes). You can watch the list of requests on the right to see when your deck is generated. Once your deck has been generated a link will be provided for you to download your personalized pdf.

NOTE: As of July 17, 2008 BoardGameGeek has modified their systems and this card generation tool is not operational. An update is forthcoming. Current status, updates, rumors and frustrations can be found at the appropriate BoardGameGeek Forum

Use My comments:


Second, after downloading your fresh pdf, you will need to print your deck. Each page in the pdf is a separate poker sized card (2.5"x3.5"). You can easily print six cards on a single letter sized sheet of paper.

  • From the menu, or via the print icon choose File>print
  • On the print dialog, under "Page Handling," change the "Page Scaling" to "Multiple Pages per sheet" and change the "Pages per sheet" setting to 6.
  • That's it, go ahead and print.


Now that you have a stack of paper, each sheet having 6 cards, you'll just need to cut them out. Try and cut them accurately to 2.5"x3.5".

After cutting, insert each card into a card protector. This will serve a couple of purposes. It will protect your deck and it will make your deck much easier to shuffle.


Have fun! The rules are included on a card in the deck. As always, if you have ideas, complements or complaints you can email us.

Lastly, by request, if you find this utility indispensable, please consider contributing to further development, hosting etc.